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About CADORA-Ontario

About Cadora-Ontario

It all began about four decades ago when a group of dedicated dressage supporters gathered at an airport hotel near Toronto and Cadora-Ontarlo held its first meeting. Around the table (among others) sat Norma Horton, Joanna MacDonald, Manfred Hundert and Pat Garstang. This was a new entity; this was the nucleus of what would become an organization that would serve the members of the Ontario dressage community - and - serve it well.

The ensuing years saw many, many changes not only regarding those who served on its Executive, but also with respect to the programmes it would offer. Never an organization to stand still, Cadora-Ontario grew, developed, and matured into a vital dynamic entity, dedicated to heeding the needs of its membership, committed to providing essental services to Ontario dressage enthusiasts.

Cadora-Ontario is both proud and happy to bring these services to all those who choose to avail themselves of them.

There are (at present) nine Cadora groups within the province of Ontario. Each group has the right to elect one Director to represent its interests on the Board of Directors of Cadora-Ontario. Although all Directors participate in discussion and/or decision-making, only those groups with 10 or more members have a vote. Elected Directors are responsible for disseminating information to their respective groups and apprising them of decisions made by the Board. In addition, the minutes of all meetings, financial statements, etc. are available to all Directors, Area Representatives, as well as any paid-up member of Cadora-Ontario.

Annual General Meeting of Cadora-Ontario


  • Held in the autumn of the calendar year
  • Relocated each year to a different area
  • Open to all members of Cadora-Ontario (and family and friends)
  • Includes awards and guest speakers

Sunday, December 2, 2018
Carlisle Golf & Country Club
523 Carlisle Road, Carlisle, ON
commencing at 12:00 (approx)
Cost: $30.00/person

Guest Speaker: Brandon Hall - Marketing & Communications Manager, Ontario Equestrian


to be RECEIVED no later than Friday, November 23rd
Cheques payable to: "Cadora-Ontario" and mailed to: D.J. Barnes, President, Cadora-Ontario
13 - 1475 Upper Gage Avenue
Hamilton, ON, L8W 1E6 or
Interac e-transfers emailed to:
[Absolutely no refunds under any circumstances!!]