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Silver Dressage Circuit

Silver Dressage Handbook

The Silver Dressage Circuit is an Equestrian Canada (EC) Provincial (Silver) Circuit and as such is governed by the Rules of Equestrian Canada but is administered within the province.

The Silver Dressage Circuit provides a competition level between the Bronze and Gold levels of competitions.

Silver competitions are restricted to a maximum of $10,000 in prize money or $15,000 for championships.

Inquiries about the Silver Dressage Circuit / Championships should be directed to:
President, Cadora-Ontario

Silver Dressage Championships


Western Division



Eastern Division




Past Results

 2019 Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

2018 Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

2017 Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

2016 Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

2015 Combined results (Eastern & Western)

2014 Combined results (Eastern & Western)

2013 Combined results (Eastern & Western)

2012 Combined results (Eastern & Western)

2011Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

2010 Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

Download 2009 Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

Download 2008 Combined Results (Eastern & Western)

2007 Championship Results

2006 Championships Results

2005 Championships Results

2004 Championships Results