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Lots of awards!

The Cadora-Ontario AGM is the place to be if you've won an award! Each year at this event, Cadora-Ontario presents awards to its Year-End winners, Cadora-Ontario Challenge winners, Cadora-Ontario Riding Scholarship winners, Cadora-Ontario Team winners and the Bronze Competitor winners. Because our award 'base" is quite extensive, it's always a pleasure to welcome as many award winners as possible to our meeting. PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for a Cadora-Ontario award (including the Cadora-Ontario Team Championships), you MUST be a member of Cadora-Ontario no later than July 1st of the current year.

If you've won an award, you will be contacted (via our e-newsletter, sent to all Cadora-Ontario members) and invited to attend the AGM to accept the award personally, or you can designate someone to accept on your behalf. "Smiles" and "Congratulations" are, of course, awarded to everyone!

Cadora-Ontario is proud to offer the following programs to its members:

CADORA-ONTARIO Lisa McGunigle-Hunt "Volunteer of the Year" Award

Lisa McGunigle-Hunt Cadora Ontario Volunteer of the Year AwardCadora-Ontario initiated the “Lisa McGunigle-Hunt Volunteer of the Year Award” in 2012. Lisa passed away earlier that year, and this award was created to honour her contributions to the sport of dressage. Lisa, in addition to being an EC judge and an active competitor, coach, and trainer at all levels, made a significant contribution as a volunteer to Cadora-Ontario in its early years. In addition to being on our Board of Directors, she was the Director for Hamilton Cadora, acted as Chef d’ Equipe for the Ontario Young Rider Team (traveling with them to many competitions both in Canada and the U.S.), and, most importantly, was editor of the Cadora-Ontario newsletter which – with her seemingly endless computer skills – took the newsletter in a new direction and made it something members wanted to read.

Deadline: September 30th

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Photo: Lisa McGunigle-Hunt
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Anyone wishing to donate to the “Lisa McGunigle-Hunt Volunteer of the Year Award” fund is welcome and invited to do so. If you are considering making a contribution, please make your cheque payable to “Cadora INC” so that a tax receipt can be issued.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cadora-Ontario President, Don Barnes at
Please forward your donation to:
D.J. Barnes
1475 Upper Gage Avenue, Unit # 13
Hamilton, ON L8W 1E6

Year-end Cadora-Ontario Silver Dressage Awards

To be eligible to win a Silver Dressage Year-end Award, a competitor must
(a) be a Cadora-Ontario Member no later than July 1st of the competition year and
(b) acquire three scores (minimum) from three different Silver competitions.
[The minimum average of your top three scores must be at least 55%.]
Year-end awards are given in each class level and category (Open/Amateur/Junior) in the core program, as follows: Walk/Trot and Training Level (+ corresponding Cadora INC freestyles), First Level through Fourth Level (+ corresponding EC freestyles) and Prix St. Georges.

1st and 2nd placings are awarded in each class level and category with additional placings (up to a maximum of eight) based on the number of eligible competitors at each level. Five eligible competitors are required for each additional award. An eligible competitor is a current Cadora-Ontario member who has competed in a minimum of three competitions.

Award winners are decided by totalling the three highest scores received by each horse/rider combination in Silver dressage competitions during the season excluding the Silver Dressage Championships. A minimum average score of 55% must be achieved to be eligible for a competitor to achieve an award. Only those qualified riders are included in the interim standings.

There are several programmes that Cadora-Ontario administers. Results are tracked by the Silver Co-ordinator, and winners are notified (via the Cadora-Ontario e-newsletter) prior to the AGM every year.

One more thing Cadora-Ontario does for you!


2018 Final Report

2018 Silver Standings - Final Report


Year-End Cadora-Ontario Bronze Awards

Please note: This interim standings contains only those riders who meet the eligibility requirements for Bronze awards. All non-members and non-qualifiers are not included.

To be eligible for annual Cadora-Ontario BRONZE awards, a competitor must:

  1. be a Cadora-Ontario member by July 1st of the current year and
  2. compete in the same class/level in a minimum of three (3) EC BRONZE competitions during the calendar year (January 1st – December 31st).

1st and 2nd placings are awarded in each class level and category (Open/Amateur/Junior), Walk/Trot through Fourth Level including freestyles. Additional placings, up to a maximum of eight, are awarded based on the number of eligible competitors at each level. Five eligible competitors are required for each additional award. [An eligible competitor is a Cadora-Ontario member who has competed in a minimum of three Bronze competitions].

Award winners are decided by totaling the three highest scores received by each horse/rider combination from three different Bronze dressage competitions during the calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).

A minimum score of 55% of the possible total must be achieved for a competitor to be eligible to receive an award.

Scores from Bronze competitors only (NOT Silver!) are to be sent to the BRONZE Coordinator by the organizer immediately following your Bronze competitions. Scores at Walk/Trot and Training Levels can be obtained from tests ridden in either the 20x40 ring or the 20x60 ring.

Year-End Cadora-Ontario BRONZE award winners will be honoured at the Annual General Meeting of Cadora-Ontario.

Cadora-Ontario Challenge

In order to be a part of the Cadora-Ontario Challenge, riders must be Cadora-Ontario members and compete in a minimum of three (3) Silver dressage competitions as well as the Silver Dressage Championships. This is a user-friendly programme in that competitors' scores are tracked and tabulated by Cadora-Ontario. [Competitors are not required to forward scores to Cadora-Ontario.] Winners are determined by totalling their three (3) competition scores and their two (2) technical scores obtained at the Silver Dressage Championships; all scores must be 60% or higher. Winners are one of Am Jr or O at each level (Training through Fourth, freestyles not included). [N.B. In the event that the Silver Dressage Championship is not held, these awards will not be given.]

Cadora-Ontario Scholarship Program

Cash awards will be presented to the highest scoring champion (one of Am, Jr. or Open) at each level (Training - Fourth Level, freestyles not included) as determined at the Silver Dressage Championships. The winner must obtain a minimum of 60%. If there is more than one judge officiating at the same test/class, the average of the judges' scores will be used. [N.B. In the event that the Silver Dressage Championships are not held, awards will not be given]

Cadora-Ontario Roster of Riders

You cannot apply to this exclusive, results-oriented club - you have to earn your way in! Each year the list is compiled and published to honour our top Silver Ontario riders. Included on the list are: the winners of the Cadora-Ontario Riding Scholarship, the winners of the Cadora-Ontario Challenge, the Champions at the Silver Dressage Championships, and winning members of a Cadora-Ontario Team (held at the Silver Dressage Championships).

Cadora-Ontario Assistance Programme

Cadora groups in the province of Ontario with 10 members (or more) may apply to Cadora-Ontario once/calendar year for funding.

Grants will be awarded based on the purposefulness and viability of the activity for which funding is requested.

download application form

Forward this completed application to:
Don Barnes
President Cadora-Ontario
13-1475 Upper Gage Avenue
Hamilton, ON, L8W 1E6

Quest for Gold Athlete Assistance Program

The Quest for Gold: Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (QFG-OAAP) is a program funded by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS).

Quest for Gold’s overarching goal is to improve the performance and number of Ontario athletes competing at the highest national and international levels, contributing to the improved performance of Canada at international competitions. The program supports Ontario’s amateur athletes through direct financial assistance, enhanced coaching, and enhanced training and competitive opportunities.

This program funds up to 10 Ontario Equestrian athletes between the ages of 11 and 35 in the 3 Olympic disciplines including Show Jumping, Eventing and Dressage, as well as Para-Dressage.  Athletes are invited to apply and selections will be made by the Ontario Equestrian Quest For Gold Selection Committee.

The deadline for receipt of the 2017-2018 Quest for Gold application is January 29, 2018 at 12pm.

For more information, including application guidelines and application forms, go to: