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It's Been Quite a Ride!!

by Don Barnes

2020 wasn't the year we were expecting, was it??!!?

Things started out ok, but, as the months progressed, it became obvious that adjustments would have to be made - not only in our equestrian lives - but in almost all other facets of our daily routine. COVID came, and it's still here with hope on the horizon with the development of a number of vaccines. BUT - the pandemic hasn't been all bad; it has provided lots of time (...with little else to do...) to cogitate, consider, reflect and decide. (More on that later!)

As COVID cases increased, the protocols placed on equestrianism skyrocketed to dizzying heights. Competitions were postponed...then cancelled and/or went "virtual". In-person meetings and/or AGMs ceased. Barns were shuttered. Lessons stopped. The value of school horses (worth their weight in oats!) was in jeopardy until the OE stepped in with its "For the Herd" initiative which raised around a half million dollars.

On a more personal level, Cadora suspended its programmes for 2020 and has punted forward those 2020 memberships (about 100) into 2021. As the organization sort of ground to a halt, I found myself with little (nothing?) to do last year and began to (see above) cogitate, consider, reflect, decide. I tried to recall how long I'd been President of Cadora and, you know, I couldn't come up with an answer which tells me it's probably been too long...so...as of January this year, I am pleased to report that Cadora has a new President, Anne Galt.

Anne (whom I've known for years) has been a dedicated and active member of the Board of the OADG (Ottawa Area Dressage Group) and was elected to the position of President of Cadora via email in accordance with our by-law a few weeks ago. She brings with her a wealth of organizational skills and dressage savvy and will execute her duties as the President of your national organization with diligence and dedication. I am confident you will support Anne in her endeavours.

For me, it has been both a pleasure and an honour  to serve as your President for so many years and to provide me with the chance to meet so many of you in various parts of the province. It's been quite a ride...but now...it's time to head back to the barn.