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2023 Membership Information

The board for CADORA-Ontario has agreed to increase the membership fess for the 2023 Membership season. Our previous membership fee of $10.00, which has been very stable for many, many years, was not enough to keep up with the rising inflation nor provided us with enough funds to maintain sponsorship for the Silver Championships nor year-end Awards. We hope that this slight increase will allow us to provide our members with a little extra this year.  

As well, for 2023 we have gone paperless! Simply click on the link below and it will take you to our online membership form. Payment can be made via etransfer to

Glanbrook CADORA, Ottawa Area Dressage Group & QSLB collect CADORA-Onario Memberships on behalf of their members. Just ensure that when you complete your memberships with them that you include your CADORA-Ontario Membership as well. 

If you are a member of Caledon Dresage, Conestoga Cadora, Dressage Niagara, London Dressage, Windsor-Essex Cadora or an independent member will need to join separately. Please use the link below to complete your membership for CADORA-Ontario.

Caroline Peck
President Cadora-Ontario